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Anita Sharma is a media specialist, television personality and professional public speaker.  She covers the latest news both at home and abroad.  Her areas of expertise include politics, finance, lifestyle and community affairs.

As a freelance news anchor and reporter for Canada’s top broadcaster, CTV News Channel in Toronto, Canada, Anita covers politics, business, and of course, live, breaking news. 

She also manages two websites dedicated to politics and lifestyle: www.AnitaSharmaBlog.com and www.TheBeautyAge.com

Anita started her career in 2001 as a national network news anchor for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Canada. In Toronto, Anita anchored the business newscast for CBC’s national morning program, providing live, breaking news about the global financial markets and conducting interviews with newsmakers including chief executives and economists. In New Brunswick, Anita hosted the supper-hour newscast airing throughout the province. 

Anita travels extensively, with a special focus on North America.

www.TheBeautyAge.com is Anita's pet project…a site where she delves further into issues concerning the mind, body and soul. With a plethora of products and promises made in the lucrative beauty industry, Anita is on a mission to prove fact from fiction and provide her viewers with information that helps foster a stronger, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


Anita Sharma Blog

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The Beauty Age

Product review and beauty articles by Anita Sharma. THEBEAUTYAGE.COM


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